Zara Resources Inc - Winston Resources Inc

Daniel Wettreich is the Chairman and CEO of Winston Resources Inc, Hadley Mining Inc. and Zara Resources Inc. He has more than 38 years of experience in venture capital, private equity, and management of publicly traded companies. He has been Chairman and CEO of Churchill Venture Capital LP a Dallas, Texas, private equity business for more than 20 years, and is Managing Partner of Churchill Natural Resource Partners, LP, which invests in small cap mining companies. He has been a director of public companies listed on NASDAQ, the American Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange and the Vancouver Stock Exchange, a predecessor to the TSX Venture Exchange. These public companies have been in diverse businesses in internet technologies, oil and gas, retailing, telecommunications, media and real estate. He has facilitated 12 reverse takeover transactions. Danny is a graduate of the University of Westminster with a BA in Business.

K. Sethu Ramanis a director. Dr. Raman is a successful exploration geologist with over 45 years of international experience in all phases of exploration, mine development, acquisitions and operations including financial and legal areas. He has pioneered many new exploration concepts and strategies which have led to the discovery of 11 significant gold, silver, copper, zinc, phosphate and uranium deposits located near established mining camps, seven of which went on to become producing gold mines in Canada.

As president and CEO of Holmer Gold Mines Ltd, Dr. Raman was particularly instrumental in the resurgence of the West Timmins camp where he discovered the Timmins Gold Deposit for which he later negotiated a business combination with Lake Shore Gold Corp.

Dr. Raman previously spent 13 years with Campbell Chibougamau Mines/Campbell Resources and the Royex Gold Mining Group of companies (now Barrick Gold Company) in various management positions, including Vice President (1980 to 1986) where he played a key role in the discovery and development of six gold mines in Quebec, Ontario and NWT and several major acquisitions. He is also a director of SGX Resources Inc, Red Crescent Resources Ltd, Northern Graphite Corporation and Golden Share Mining Corporation, all of which are public companies. He is the founder and chairman of Holmer Gold Mines Inc, a private company currently developing the Loma Hierro silver mine in Cuba. He holds a Ph.D degree in Geology from Carleton University and a UNESCO Post-Graduate Diploma from the University of Vienna, Austria.

David M. Lonsdale is President and CEO of The Lonsdale Group, a Dallas-based private investor in small cap companies. He is a director of GreenBank Capital Inc (CSE:GBC) a publicly listed Canadian merchant bank. Previously he was for ten years the President of Allegiance Capital Corporation, a private investment bank focusing on mergers and acquisitions, with offices in Dallas, New York, and Chicago. Mr. Lonsdale has successfully built and sold three venture-funded information technology companies, including selling one of them to Microsoft. Earlier in his career he managed corporate divisions of McDonnell Douglas/Boeing and Dun & Bradstreet/A C Nielsen. He obtained his MBA in Finance & Marketing from Cornell University and his B.Sc. in Physics & Mathematics from Leeds Beckett University in the U.K.

Mark Wettreich is a Director, Vice President of Administration and Corporate Secretary. He is Vice President of Churchill Venture Capital LP and of Churchill Natural Resource Partners, LP which invests in small cap mining companies. Previously, he was President of European Art Gallery, fine art dealers in London, England and Dallas, Texas. He is a BA graduate of the University of Texas.

Paul Cullingham is a director and a member of the audit committee of the Company. He is a director of GreenBank Capital Inc., Winston Resources Inc, Hadley Mining Inc, CNRP Mining Inc, Zara Resources Inc and Leo Resources Inc all of which are publicly listed on the CSE. He has been in the investment industry since 1986 specializing in the resource and financial sectors, where he has worked for both large and medium-size Canadian companies, as well as a large Wall Street firm. He is President and CEO of Ubique Minerals Inc, a private exploration company, and of, an online portal for public company investors. Previously, he was the President and CEO of Celtic Minerals Inc., a public minerals company.

Peter D. Wanner is a director and member of the Audit Committee. He is the Managing Director of IG Aviation Tax Services Inc. providing accounting services to the aviation industry. Mr. Wanner is a director and CEO of Triumph Ventures II Corp and Triumph Ventures III Corp, which are Capital Pool Companies. He is a director and CEO of First National Energy Corp, a public company on the OTC in the USA and has been a director and officer of a number of public companies. Peter received his Certified General Accountant designation in 1981 and after working in public accounting he became VP & Controller of Worldways Canada – then Canada’s 3rd largest airline. He has 25 years experience in accounting and financial consulting, and has worked with companies in Canada, the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom.